Portland's 9th Annual "Valentango" FEB 2006

Fri-Sun, February 17-19, 2006
I'll be teaching and performing with Murat Erdemsel.
more info at:www.claysdancestudio.com

BUENOS AIRES / December 14 th - January 29th

meeting family and friends and dancing and dancing and dancing...
also some asados and dulce de leche....of course!

Workshop in New York City, Sunday December 4 th

we''ll work on HOW to do movements following several
orchestras and different dynamics
( slow, sharp, strong, soft) and having the feeling
that we are actually dancing rather than mechanically
repeating steps.

When : Sunday , December 4th from 5 to 7 pm
Where : Sandra Cameron Dance Center ( Lafayette 199)
How much: $30
Level: pre-intermediate /up